We’ll be back in a few weeks… In the mean time we recommend trini lime … they are just as good as us. Few shout outs … Dr Kiran LOL ( d vet nah )dutch hackers oh please hahaha yuh get points tho for trying hard ! thing is people believed you. I’m one of your customers… heard you’re looking for ME

Habit7 – Meh PNM brethren who send me a lot of pics … Thanks eh keep them coming DAILY .. Oh and the guy said the weed you send him was bess

Oddfellow - you know who you are

NTman – Bring back botnets=

Iceland for allowing us to move everything there .. FUCK SSA

Mud Devil !

Nervewreckah - meh long time padnah :) lewe drink somtin nah

Trini Porn was not shut down The last owners sold this site to us a couple of weeks before the “list” was released. We took this time while the authorities were looking for us to switch servers. We’re now hosted in Iceland … Sooooooo no more issues.

The triniporn domain will become soon defunct as we have chosen to no longer use it.

As for all these pics that were shared with people’s names ... That was not us or anyone related to us. We don't support that shit. Check the businessman son .. he is the ring leader . Yes we're from the east !

Hold Strain

New design

Mobile Suppport

You can find us on twitter or ask.fm if you need to get in contact with the admin.

As always we’d like to remind you that WE DO NOT NOT NOT not support underage porn and any pictures reported to us that violates our TOS= are immediately removed.

For the authorities .. you can get us at admin atsign triniporn.org if you need details on any such person uploading pics to our website that do not retain the right to do so...

Yes we will sell alyuh out for posting pics of ppl chirren ! Talk done !